All of our products are manufactured using the finest Australian leathers we can find, with the only exception being in our wet-formed products which need a very specific leather which is produced in Italy, although we are hoping to replace with a local leather this year.

As an Australian label, we have access to some of the best leathers in the world. We use kangaroo leather wherever possible, due to it's abundance and incredible strength. All kangaroo leather comes from wild animals, which are culled when their population reaches high numbers in order to protect sensitive ecosystems around Australia. As these animals are not farmed, they have a much lower environmental impact and carbon footprint when compared to all other leather options.

We are aware of the animal cost involved in this material, and respect that our products have to justify the use of such a material. We only use leathers that are the byproduct of other industries. None of our leathers come from animals produced specifically for leather.

We do not produce leather products for specific phones or computers, due to the mismatch in life expectancy of these electronics as opposed to our products.


Kangaroo Leather

Our kangaroo leather is vegetable tanned at a tannery in Sydney, right here in Australia. It is thin, but incredibly strong, and with enough structure to keep it's shape. Kangaroo leather is one of the strongest leather available for it's weight, up to 8 times stronger than cow leather. This kangaroo leather will darken and soften beautifully with use.

As kangaroo leather all comes from wild kangaroos, scars and marks may be visible in the leather (will not effect the strength or longevity). We accept that this is a normal part of using this material so it is likely to be present in our products.

Produced locally in Victoria (45 mins from our studio!)

Products - All wallets

Leather Thickness ~1mm

Colours - Black, Dark Brown, Tan, Olive, Natural.


Cow Leather

Our cow leather is combination tanned at a local tannery about 45 minutes from our studio. It is made using a combination of vegetable tanning, and chromium tanning, which results in a beautifully soft and long lasting material. It is produced with a pull-up finish, which means that it is produced with natural waxes and oils, giving it some beautiful colour texture when the leather is folded or distressed. 

As leather is a natural material, there may be slight marks and scars.

Produced locally in Victoria (45 mins from our studio!)

Products - Key Case, Eyewear Case, Belt, Notebook Cover.

Leather Thickness ~4mm

Colours - Black, Dark Brown, Tan, Redwood, Olive, Clay.


Cow Leather - Natural (used in our wet-formed products)

This vegetable tanned leather is a very specific material chosen because it allows forming into shapes that other leathers do not allow. We use traditional wet-forming techniques to manufacture our Loop Pendants, vessels, and other interior products.

As leather is a natural material, there may be slight marks and scars.

Produced in Italy

Products - Loop Pendant, Loop Cabinetry Handle, Formed Vessels

Leather Thickness ~4mm

Colours - Natural (darkening to a tan over time)