All of our products are designed and manufactured in-house. We use a range of modern CAD methods to design and pattern our products, and traditional techniques to manufacture and finish our products.

All of our products are die cut, using precise CNC produced dies which are manufactured locally. These modern tools allow us to produce with incredible accuracy. 

We machine sew our products using thick bonded nylon thread, which is incredibly strong and resistant to UV and moisture.

The edges of our products are finished with a combination of sanding, bevelling, burnishing and sealing with an acrylic compound.

Our products are branded with custom made dies which are debossed into the surface with a 5 tonne arbor press.

Our hardware is all premium antique brass, which we import from the US. This hardware is of the highest quality to ensure a product that will last many years.

Everything is done right here in our small studio in Brunswick, a suburb in Melbourne, Australia. We design, manufacture, customise, package, and photograph all products within our walls.