Tall Wallet

The Tall Wallet has a flexible layout which is capable of holding up to nine cards over three pockets, cash and a phone (iPhone 7 or equivalent size). The vertical orientation makes it great to fit in a suit jacket. Although it is taller than a traditional wallet, it will sit comfortably in the pockets of jeans.



Cards: up to 9

Cash: AUD notes (does not fit $100 note, up to $50 not only)

Size: Open - 180mm x 168mm
Folded - 90mm x 168m

Leather: Vegetable tanned kangaroo leather (Sydney, Australia)

Leather thickness: 1mm



The edges of the pockets are skived to allow them to sit nice and flat. 

These six-piece wallets are die cut, debossed, glued, machine sewn and finished using traditional manufacturing techniques. 



This kangaroo leather is beautiful. It is vegetable tanned in Sydney. With use, the leather will darken and soften nicely and develop a lovely patina. The leather tends to get a nice sheen to the surface after a few weeks of being in a pocket.


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