Things to Remember



Most of these products are made to order so will take some time to produce, please allow 7 days. If you need it quickly, get in touch at

Free standard postage on all orders, or $10 for express.

We will happily swap products for a change of mind, but not refund. We will refund if there is any problem due to manufacturing or material defect (not including scars/marks etc.)

Leather is a natural material. Leather should never be expected to be flawless, there may be some marks/scars/colour variation due to the nature of the material. As leather is a precious material that comes from an animal, we don't cut around these minor imperfections.

All kangaroo leather is sourced from culls of the wild population in New South Wales, these animals have a difficult life so scars and marks are common in any product made from their leather. This is purely an aesthetic imperfection, it has no effect on the strength and durability.